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Fix Red Ring of Death PERMANENTLY!

I’d like to share my thoughts on the 360 and its notorious problem that is the Red Ring of Death.

If you are having this problem, the best advice I can give you is to not follow the common advice from everyone else. That means:

  • Don’t open your XBOX up, get rid of the XCLAMPS, and replace it with bolts that put an unknown level of pressure on the fragile processors.
  • Don’t put a towel around your XBOX and overheat it. The XBOX shuts off at a specific temperature anyway. What the heat actually does is bend your motherboard. Bending the board causes damage to the tracings inside.
  • Don’t use a hot air gun because it’s difficult to focus the heat onto the chip.

Instead, use a service that specialises in repairing XBOX 360s. They will reflow the solder on the chip for you, and you won’t have the problem again.

Type XBOX 360 reflow service into eBay and you’ll see many services that do this for a nominal fee. A completely broken XBOX is much more expensive to replace than using a reflow service. Take my advice with no salt!

Zynga cancelled Space Wars – where’s the bad publicity?

I’m disappointed to see Zynga cancelling Space Wars. More to the point, without any warning.

Players of the game came online to play it one day only to find that it had been discontinued. Why was it discontinued? I speculate that it was likely because it was not bringing in profits, so it only makes sense that Zynga cut it. However, some warning would have been nice as it would have shown loyalty from Zynga to its customers.

Space Wars was in essence another clone of Mafia Wars – the basic concept game that has been cloned across 50% of Zynga’s arsenal of games.

Zynga also recently released a Plane into FarmVille, that flies above your farm and makes your crops grow INSTANTLY! However, the charge for this can be extortionate depending on the current state of your crops. And of course, you have to have real money to do it.

In my opinion, Zynga does not produce games of a high quality, and it won’t take much for another company to come along and push them out of the playing field. I found Google’s PacMan more addictive myself.

Fragile Allegiance – Classic DOS Game

Remember the game K240? Fragile Allegiance is K240, in the modern era of computing. Except, that modern has now become the past again, as does tend to happen in the world of computers.

Manage asteroids, dig ores, sell the ores for money, construct ships and missiles, destroy your neighbours. It’s all part of the game that is, Fragile Allegiance.

There is just something about this game that always keeps me interested. I go back every year and become addicted all over again. In fact, I love it so much, that I’ve been working on a Facebook game that takes some of its elements of game play directly from this.

Author: Gremlin Interactive
Year: 1996
Download: fragile.iso

UFO Enemy Unknown – Classic DOS Game

Back in the days of the Commodore Amiga, I used to enjoy a game called UFO Enemy Unknown.

Alien races swarm to Earth and abduct people, build bases, and terrorise cities. It is your job to defend the Earth by scouting for alien ships, researching alien technology and eventually going to the source of the alien invasion and battling the Mother Brain.

It will provide endless hours of fun, and will have you flailing your arms as your men give in to alien mind control games.

You’ll most likely need DOSBOX to run this game, unless you have an old 486DX laying about. :)

Author: Mythos Games
Year: 1996

Great resources for this game: