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How to defragment your system’s pagefile and registry

Something that has frustrated me for a while, that I mentioned in my tips on how to speed up your computer, is how the Windows Defrag utility doesn’t defragment the system pagefile or registry.

This is important – because these are two large files that are accessed frequently, hence these files are probably top on the list for defragmentation.

I found a handy post at online-tech-tips that explains how to defragment the pagefile and registry in Windows XP. Go there and take a look. :)

Does Static Electricity Really Damage Computers?

I was surfing the web earlier for something not related to this blog post, but somehow stumbled on it anyway. I thought it was an extremely well written article and decided to share it with all of you. It is used with permission and linked back to the source found here

Hope you enjoy!

Peace out, The Doctor

Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

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How to use WordPress categories to your advantage

As part of an effort to provide daily content, I’ve decided to start linking to posts that I consider great value to those who blog. I’ll be categorising these posts under one of the five head categories – but also inside a new category called Editor’s Choice.

Ironically, the first post in this category is all about categories.

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