What I don’t like about Mac OS X

I’m not a Mac fan, but I’m certainly not a Windows fan. Recently I installed an eMachine with a copy of Mac OS X86 to see what I like about it – sadly, it functions the same as Windows for me. There is no improvement, however there are some things I don’t like about it that I think should be improved.

  1. The dock bar below is too big. Given that I use barely any of the applications, it takes up too much of the screen. I don’t like hiding it. Unlike the taskbar in Windows, which has a clock, task bar icons, a Start button etc., the dock just shows applications and hidden windows. When I want to maximise a window, it doesn’t get to use the bottom of the screen.
  2. The window control buttons in the top left are fine where they are, but they are TOO SMALL.
  3. The windows have no borders which makes it difficult to tell where the edges are in some applications.

That’s actually all there is. Mac OS X is a beautiful Operating System that actually runs quite well on an Intel Celeron chipset eMachine. I can only imagine what a real Mac is like. It is quite intuitive to use, but for the price – a PC can do exactly the same thing.

One thought on “What I don’t like about Mac OS X

  1. First off Steve; You didn’t specify which OS X version you were running. Are we talking Cheetah? I’ve used Version 10.4 and up on both hackintosh and real macs. I know the difference between Cupertino and IBM clone hardware. Yes real macs have nice hardware, but your points are mostly software related, so I digress.

    1) Regardless of the OS x version you are running you can resize the dock bar and use effects like magnification. Also in newer versions of the OS the windows do go down to the dock like you want. Obviously you’re not a MAC guy so you don’t know how to configure it. I forgive your incompetence but not your MAC bashing.

    2) Cry me a river and learn some key combinations. UNlike windows OS x puts the shortcuts right next to the menu items. So they are easy to learn and you don’t have to look them up. But you didn’t take the time to notice this before you reinstalled windows on your ebook eh?

    3) Borderless windows = Beautiful OS. I think that the screen on your ebook had too low of a resolution to utilize the beautiful OS successfully.

    Conclusion: You should pick newer software and better hardware when testing new OS. To insure that your USER EXPERIENCE is level set at the manufactures requirements. I think that Windows, Linux and OS X all will run like crap on a junk E machine. Go figure.

    Point being; Windows =/= MAC =/= Linux. You didn’t specify what you wanted to do with these systems. But try doing video editing (macs best); try gaming (windows best); try security, stability, customization, everything else (linux best).

    Please be more throughout.

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