Use eBoostr to speed up your computer

I came across a fantastic piece of software recently that I’d like to share with everyone.

eBoostr is a memory caching service. Allow me to elaborate on what it actually does:

When you load an application – for example, Internet Explorer – lots of files have to be loaded from the hard disk. The files are scattered all over the disk, and hard drives take a while to get to all the files. You’ll notice when the hard drve is loading files because the hard drive light will be flashing.

eBoostr takes the files that are accessed most frequently and stores a copy of them on a device that can read faster than the hard drive. You can use your computer’s physical memory / RAM if you have enough of it, or you can purchase a USB storage device (4GB USB key for example) and use it as your caching device.

Whenever your computer tries to access files, eBoostr will check to see if it has a copy available for quick access, and if it does it’ll speed up the reading considerably.

This is a very smart technology, and at less than $40 for the full version, it comes well recommended.

It is compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7 32-bit editions. Download it here. The trial version works for 2 hours each time you boot up your computer.

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