HELP! My laptop won’t charge!

If your laptop isn’t charging, you’re experiencing a problem that plagues many users. To fix this, you might consider finding a reputable laptop repair service.

The top three most common problems: Broken power jacks, broken power adapters and bad batteries.

Follow these steps to diagnose:

  1. If you unplug the battery and plug the power cord in, does the laptop power on?
  2. If YES: it is likely you have a faulty battery, replace it!
  3. If NO: your laptop is not receiving sufficient power – or possibly any at all.
  4. Do you have another power adapter (or one from another laptop with the same voltage)?
    Try connecting it – does the laptop power on now?
  5. If YES, your laptop power adapter is faulty, replace it!
  6. If NO:
    The power jack is damaged, or there is a more severe problem.
    You can try sending your computer into a laptop repair service,
    expect to pay anywhere between $50.00 and $150.00 dollars to
    have your power jack replaced.

(If you feel comfortable, you can also repair your laptop’s power jack yourself.)

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  1. salma says:

    my laptop dont charge… what i doing to charge??

  2. vrendan says:

    Mine won’t charge when it son help

  3. Hannah says:

    Thanks, that was really helpful

  4. Jason Burnside says:

    You forget that your laptop may not charge if you are at 100% battery life.

    This is very short and uninformative because I never have an extra battery or power supply for my ONE laptop. I KNOW that the battery is going bad because windows tells me it is. and the charge light blinks yellow….

    But what we could talk about is: HELICOPTERS! Actually:

    SO if my battery is still working, but dose not keep a good charge for as long as it used to, there should be something I can do to help bring the laptop battery back to life.

    I don’t want to put a charger that I don’t know is rated into my laptop.

    Can you describe a deep cycle charge or how to extend battery life using a freezer? My grandma puts batteries in the freezer.

    Anyway I found that my laptop wouldn’t turn on without the battery being in the computer. SO some computers will not be able to follow your stuff.

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