How to upgrade your laptop’s RAM

RAM is even more important on a laptop than a desktop machine, as RAM helps a computer run more efficiently. It will reduce heat output and extend the life of the components. You can usually upgrade your laptop’s RAM for less than $50.

How to upgrade laptop RAM

  1. Look beneath your laptop, there should be a flap with a screw with a small diagram of a chip. This is where the RAM is.
  2. Unscrew it and see how many slots you have free.
  3. If you have none free, you’ll have to replace one or both. If you have one free, you can just add RAM to it.
  4. To remove a memory stick, push the clips either side of the stick outwards and the stick should pull out at an angle.
  5. To install a memory stick, push the board in at an angle, then push it down so that the clips lock it in.

To find the correct RAM for your laptop, I recommend using CRUCIAL’s memory selector tool. Search it on Google!

One thought on “How to upgrade your laptop’s RAM

  1. The ram slot on my laptop is under the keyboard. so I don’t know how to follow your instructions.

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