How to cool down a laptop

The nature of a laptop makes cooling a very difficult task. Your laptop cools itself down by circulating air through its cooling vents. Sometimes these get blocked or simply do not provide sufficient cooling due to bad design. But there are solutions!

How can I cool down my laptop?

Laptop Cooling Pad

Try using a cooling pad beneath your laptop, especially if you sit with your laptop on your lap! It will help increase airflow to the bottom of the laptop, which is your laptop sucks air upwards! (If your laptop is on your lap, you might be blocking this vent, which is a common cause of overheating)

Clean Cooling System Vents

Get a can of compressed air from your local hardware store, and blast air through the cooling vents. Expect lots of dust! Do this once every month to maintain the cooling system.

One thought on “How to cool down a laptop

  1. Again not every laptop has the vent under the laptop. Only cheap machines that you buy when following the how to buy a laptop for dummies stuff.

    Actually, because I buy quality machines and I look at them before I buy them and know what to look for; I’ve never owned a laptop with the vents on the bottom.

    HOWEVER, even the laptops that my work gives me (which are cheap) aren’t that cheap.

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