How to buy a laptop for dummies

Buying a laptop is not a task to be taken lightly – the laptop that you pick should ideally last you a few years, unless you don’t mind forking out more money in 6 months.

Getting the Best Price for a Laptop Computer

Choosing is what takes the time, buying takes less than 10 minutes. When choosing, here are some things you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t choose by colour! Just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean it’s reliable. That’s not to say that a laptop can’t be pretty and reliable – just that there are other factors you need to look at first.
  • Don’t assume that just because it’s a particular brand that it’ll be a good laptop. Many times these laptops are just re-badged.
  • Don’t buy if you’re excited – you’re emotional, and not being rational.

OK, so I don’t want to put a damper on things. If you want to buy a laptop, it’s your money! But here’s what I think you should do if you want a laptop that will be your friend for many years:

  • Narrow down on a selection of laptops that are potential good buys.
  • Look for the processor (Intel or AMD) and how many cores it has. More cores means less heat, which means a longer lasting laptop as heat kills components.
  • Check battery life – a long lasting battery often means an efficient well thought out laptop.
  • Choose a graphic processor that suits your needs! If all you do is browse the web and play FarmVille, don’t buy an NVIDIA or ATI – just go for something standard. Those fancy graphic processors produce lots of heat putting stress on the cooling system and everything else surrounding it. (not to mention eating up battery life)
  • GOOGLE the laptops you are thinking about buying. Check to make sure there are no common problems. Look up some reviews and see what other people say about them. Many brands have released entire series’ of laptops with underlying faults.
  • Remember that expensive is not always better. When you buy something that is more expensive than the cheapest laptops, it might just be the ‘cheap’ version of a more expensive model and could potentially be less reliable than a cheaper laptop!
  • Make sure that you get a restore disc with the laptop. If it goes wrong, a restore disc is invaluable. If it doesn’t come with one – tell them that you won’t buy it without one.

Good luck in buying a laptop that is right for you.

And that’s how to buy a laptop for dummies. 😉

2 thoughts on “How to buy a laptop for dummies

  1. Thank you so much, you gave a good laugh. I have a really simple process for Dummies:

    Too expensive Yes?
    Still too expensive?

    Hopefully people will read my comment since Dummies will enjoy a computer made for DUMMIES more than some cheap piece of crap your trying to get them to think they should buy.

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