Free DVD Codec / Player for Windows

You may have noticed that you can’t play DVDs in Windows Media Player without buying DVD codec software. This is sad, but true. There is no free DVD codec for Windows Media Player, due to licensing issues.

However – there is one free piece of software that can play DVDs.

VLC Media Player by VideoLAN can play just about any kind of file out there, and it also has built in support for DVDs! It has a small memory footprint and is very quick to load.

One thought on “Free DVD Codec / Player for Windows

  1. I can’t believe you are supporting VLC. Really? Really really!?

    VLC uses outdated, bloated, most often non working codecs that have screen tearing, frame rate and other majior sound issues. VLC should only be used by people who have specific needs and are highly technical. VLC WILL BLOW YOUR COMPUTER UP!

    For people who need to read blogs in order to use a computer; use kazaa lite media codec pack. This is the bomb, it will make your life worth living. It will also play any video or audio file you ever wanted and it can use the standard windows media player that we all love.

    this codec pack can be downloaded at << Another great side for free softare for people who don't know.

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